Dr. Edwige


Light Body Mentor, Metaphysical Practitioner, Author, and Speaker


She holds within her being the Template of the Lemurian Seed these seeds represent 5, 6 and 7D man and are part of the core of the soul’s essence that is sourced from within the galactic core. Your lightbody is needed to position you for your “Ascension” and the return to your original Divine Blueprint. Even for those souls whose patterns are scrambled, confused electromagnetically and karmically imprinted.

She can provide assistance to move your schematics into higher, healthier, holistic frequencies which will benefit your individual soul and help contribute to the overall upliftment and shift of Gaia/Mother Earth.

My Spiritual Journey Began at the Early Age of Twelve


When I was often visited by what I would now refer


To as a benevolent being of light. Little did I know what was to come. During that adventure we would fly to the stars, land on a bridge and dive in to the depths of the ocean. Creation at its best I’d say! He showed me that I came into this existence with fourth dimensional consciousness, that I was a child of the stars that I could move through time and space at will and that earth was but a short stop on my path to mastery.

Then one winters day in 2004 the calling came, it was time to begin the process of awakening to my souls purpose. You see I was to be a bridge between heaven and earth.

I Was Gifted Spontaneously By

Divine – GOD – SOURCE


The ability to clear energies around your field that are blocking you


From living in the flow, to remove the resistance that is holding you back and to calibrate and raise your frequencies to the maximum your physical body can hold.I facilitate the releasing of limiting beliefs, and programs such as sabotage and fear that are seeded in the cellular memory within your four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These memories can stem from both on and off planet incarnations.

My team of beings are able to clear imprints from past life karma, remove implants that hold your DNA from turning on and to activate Light Codes deep within you bringing with it full integration of your soul, lightbody and your Divine Purpose. These processes happen at your souls pace, like a caterpillar’s transformation in to a butterfly. I help you navigate your path to awakening the light within.


In service to humanity Dr. Edwige  has become as those who have self-actualized and has received her light body.  Holding the seeds of divine immaculate conception as we dawn a new beginning of .  She ushers change as  surrogate of divine femininity. Demonstrating what is achievable by us all. Walking between worlds here in the physical while connected multidimensionally in the spiritual to the higher realms of existence.

As a metaphysical practitioner who has prepared her entire life for this time in history. She will be able to assist many souls who are ready to ascend. Through Source she is endowed the ability along with her God feminine essence, who has never incarnated in human form, which when she speaks instantly raises your vibrations.  Her six additional higher dimensional beings who immediately tap into all clients during healing sessions will enable the necessary clearing, calibrations and alignments to be effective with each session for those who continue on with more than just one encounter.

Experience the amazing healing and transformational gifts that Dr. Edwige holds and is here to share with humanity as the Divine Aspect of Creator speaks an ancient language of Light through her.

Understand that we as spiritual beings in the process of “remembering” must know that our desired reality already exist right in front of us.  It is already there waiting.

Dr. Edwige is the bridge between heaven and earth here to help us tap into these realms and to make it happen.   She is here to assist and guide us through the process of ascension: Where our 3rd dimensional consciousness can be shifted to align with our body of light in the higher realms.


“Edwige is the type of woman you feel comfortable with right away. There is a calm about her that offers acceptance, exudes love and you find yourself opening up to her. After talking with Edwige, I realize my dreams have meaning. The touch that sometimes awakens me in the middle of the night and the voice that whispers my name is real. I am not crazy. I am no longer afraid. Thanks to her I have started meditating and I am writing again. I have always felt a need to write and a strong desire to research my genealogy. Fear of failure held me back. I cannot fail at something I was meant to do. ”


Just dropping a line to say Thank You for working with me on Wednesday. The experience was eye-opening and profound. I AM much lighter in my body and move with definite joy and excitement. While I continue to consciously go through life’s moments I feel that everything is just another slide in a divine movie. I have been opening my heart to family members who are going through their own stuff, bearing in mind that the story is not mine to direct.


My dear new friend. I just wished to tell you how wonderful you are. I meet many who (in our line of work) who wish to change the world, not many are as sincere as they would like others to believe. Yet you sweetheart, you I can feel, you I can sense, you precious Edwige have a truly beautiful soul that doesn’t run on ego, yet runs with simple truths. Inspire the world beautiful lady because you truly shine. Love and Blessings to you.


Hi Dr. Edwige, Update! I was one of the callers you worked with during the ‘Awakening Heart Network’. I’m the woman who had watched some creature go into my head. You cleared it out of me. I have not had the regular migraine attack now for 25 days! To say I am hopeful and elated is an understatement! Thank you so much!


I continue to feel calm and centered as well as something I’ve not felt in over 65 years…whole! You have been blessed with an incredible gift and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with me.


WOW!!! There are no words to say THANK YOU to Rev. Dr. Edwige. I had a healing session with her and it was AMAZING. I could feel her energy and I felt that my body was vibrating at a higher level. Thank you.


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I am Deeply Committed to Providing you with practical body, mind, and spirit principles and tools that will enrich your daily life and help you gain insight, clarity and a deeper sense of purpose all in a way that produces powerful results. You will discover what works best for you and you’ll learn how to leave the baggage behind!